I don’t know about you, but I’ve been pretty overwhelmed the last little while. Each day I can barely handle hearing the news of our world. Whether it’s politics or stories of violence and hate ravaging our world, I get mad and rage, I complain and stress, and I worry in my attempt to make sense of it all.

Just as I head down the rabbit hole of negativity I have friends that remind me of a different way of being. My roommate Naomi says it best in a recent post on Facebook.
She writes:

“Being someone who holds onto the idea that this world is deeply interconnected/I am deeply connected, how I choose to live…my actions, words, thoughts, where I place my attention, will have an impact on the whole.” She was reminded of this truth from a wise Yogi named Adriene.

“When you give something your attention you give it the Power to Grow.”

What an incredible reminder.  What is it that we want to grow in the world? It certainly isn’t my anger and frustration. So I am determined to send as much Love into the world as possible. I had to ask the question: as a designer, how can I use what I do to spread more love….Grow Love?
lovechairSo we are introducing our new Love Tote. It’s a simple tote that we have embedded with the word Love.
Words hold power so our hope is to spread Love around. You can carry Love with you. Remind people of Love wherever you go. Send Love energy with every step.

And as a physical act of love, from now until September 30th, 20% of all revenue from this limited addition tote will go to this amazing charity: IJM
(International Justice Mission)

Lets see how much Love we can share in our world by Sept 30th.

Purchase these first 2 totes at our etsy shop or convo me for all your colour and upgrade options.

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