“Gwemisms” is a new feature to my blog that shares everyday stories of me. I’m an artisan. As such, I’m super Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 2.17.56 PMpassionate about what I do and why I do it and if you read any of my normal posts I’m sure you’ll pick up on this. But that’s not what gwemisms are about. Gwemisms will be highlighting a few of my more “differently brilliant” moments. I’m a creative genius that makes gorgeous quality handbags and superbly crafted accessories, ok? I’m allowed to have a few of these quirky moments every once in a while. Sometimes my artist brain gets carried away and great stories are born. I hope you find them entertaining and that they put a smile on your face.

So here we go…gwemism #1.

One of these gwemisms is actually how this term came into existence in the first place. For those of you who are new around here, my name is Gwen. This past Christmas I was signing a couple of cards for my parents and my grandmother. I signed the first card fine, but as I went on to the second, my wrist got carried away (might have been the pre-breakfast scotch) and continued on with the “n” and added an extra hump. I, as a forty year old, signed my grandmother’s Christmas card “Gwem”. As a household we regularly laugh at this Gwemism and many others, and now you can too. Stay tuned for gwemism #2.