Things learned while attempting to film a tutorial:

1. Filmmaking is difficult.
2. I am decidedly not a filmmaker.
3. I had a filmmaker living in my house for three weeks and choosing not to make the film during that time was, admittedly, a mistake.

A short how-to tutorial video for our bywa headbands—how hard could it be?


What started this whole project was an email from one of my customers who had just received her bywa headband in the mail and was thrilled with it—only one problem: How the heck do you put it on? A valid question, and I have been planning on creating this helpful how-to guide for only the past year and a half.Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 2.15.20 PM

So, inspired from this email, I set to the task. First things first, I showered, and took extra care doing my make up and began to get in the “I-am-a-rockstar!” headspace that is required for all how-to tutorials.

Then, I set to creating the perfect location for this tutorial. I walked into my studio and then walked out. Right, I was midway through re-organizing. Then, I looked out the window and the answer shone back at me. The weather was GORGEOUS! The back yard is a perfect place for this video to occur. Plus, our table was all set up, begging me to use it, and so I did.

At this point I thought that perhaps I should have taken advantage of my house guest (shout out, James Lam) who offered to help me film the video. Propping my iPad up to the right angle was proving to be a bit of a challenge, something that an extra set of hands (or a tripod and a filmmaker) could have probably helped with.

But, being stubborn by nature was proving to be advantageous to this tutorial’s fate. I set up the iPad and sat, ready and willing to share the bywa headband secret with the rest of the world. I pressed record and we were off, and I filmed a really great and almost perfect, slightly cheeky video tutorial of how to tie our headbands.

Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 2.15.30 PMExcited to see this masterpiece-in-the-making, my most recent work of art, I went back inside, turned up the volume and pressed play.

Unfortunately, it turned out that you couldn’t hear a word I was saying because the trees in the yard across from mine were being cut down and there was no other sound on the video but the rusty roar of chainsaws bringing the cedars crashing to the ground (a noise I had even remarked to my roommate earlier that day, before checking my email).

I was apparently filming a headband tutorial outside a fully-functioning sawmill.

How hard could it be? Famous last words.

(Don’t worry. The chainsaw-free video has been uploaded here and you can see our headband selection on bywa’s etsy shop: )