I’m not sure Fall could have come any more suddenly.  One day I’m wearing shorts and sun dresses and the next I’m hunting for my cozy sweaters in order to keep warm. I have to admit though, I love season changes and I’m super excited about the chance to start using all the great sweaters I’ve been collecting to make our toasty warm mittens. This entrance into mitten making again reminded me of one of my infamous “Gwem” moments so I thought I’d share it with you.

I was in the middle of completing a final pair of mittens for an order last Christmas season.  Everything was going swimmingly. The leather outers were done, the sweater liners were complete and now all I had to finish was the sweater cuffs in order to assemble it into the final product.


The cuffs had been cut from the very last pieces of this amazing mustard sweater specifically requested by the customer.  I sewed up the first cuff and set it aside to sew the second.  I then returned to get the original cuff to attach them both to the leather outers.  To my dismay the cuff was not where I thought I had put it.  This is not an uncommon experience so I wasn’t too worried until it was 3 hrs later and I had torn my “garudio” apart for the 4th time trying to find where this precious irreplaceable cuff had disappeared.

By this point my anxiety had hit the roof, my language had turned a rather blue hue, and I was constructing my confession and deep apology for ruining my clients christmas mittens.  In desperation I took a deep breath and rolled up my sleeves to take a look through my trash can for the 4th time.

Well, you guessed it! There it was resting comfortably on my own wrist.  It had been hiding under my sleeve the entire time. Apparently putting it ‘aside’ meant placing it on my own arm to test it for fit.

Oh, Gwem…you never cease to amaze me.